Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Hardy Plants for Waterwise Landscapes

Clematis tangutica
Golden clematis

Clematis tangutica flowers and seedheads (V.I. Lohr)

Plant form

Thin, wiry vine.  Grow up on trellises or as a spreading ground cover.


8-10 feet tall.

Leaves and stems

Compound leaves with small leaflets.  Bright green during the growing season, turning reddish in the fall. Green vine.


Bright yellow flowers in mid-summer through fall.  Flowers are formed on the new stems that grow during the year.


Beautiful feathery seeds head are produced from the flowers.  They start looking like tiny fireworks on the vine and then become cottony.

Native area


Water use


Culture and maintenance

Vine may need some help to get started on a trellis.  Cut vine back to the ground in spring.


Full sun or light shade.


USDA Zone 5.


Seeds are viable, so a few plants may sprout up near the original vine.


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