"Now the preacher looked so baffled,
When I asked him why he dressed,
With twenty pounds of headlines,
Stapled to his chest.

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"Bob Dylan." St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture.


Wikipedia article on Bob Dylan.
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a comprehensive (by no means complete) bibliography of periodical articles written about Bob Dylan from 1962 to the present.

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Citations to articles from 1962 to the present. Citations will let you know where to look for these articles -- the name of the magazine, publication date, and page numbers. You are unlikely to find these articles on the Internet, but will need to use your local library or your library's Interlibrary Loan service. Take me there!
Article abstracts. Some of the article citations are hyperlinked to short summaries, or abstracts of the original article. Abstracts are available for particularly unique or significant historical articles. For the full article, you will probably need to use your library. Take me there!
Links to full-text articles. For those articles which are available via the Internet, you can click on the citation to access the fulltext. Links to articles are only available for the most recent publications. Take me there!
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