Can you pass the Dylan test?

Do you consider yourself a true Dylan fan? Well, here's a chance to prove it!! (And there's no one looking but you and God, so don't worry).

1. Dylan has been quoted as saying: "I don't write when I'm feeling groovy; I play when I'm feeling groovy. I write when I'm __________________________. (MBP, page 13)

2. One of Dylan's early heros was:
Woody Guthrie
Boxcar Willy

3. Who said the following about Bob Dylan: "That boy's got a voice. Maybe he won't make it in his writing, but he can really sing it."
Bob's mom
Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger

4. Highway 61
Doesn't exist
Runs from Ontario, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico
Runs through California

5. . The song "Rainy Day Women" ("...everyone must get stoned..") was released in:

6. . Who was Dylan's inspiration for the song "Long Distance Operator" which appeared on the Basement Tapes?
Chuck Berry
Fats Domino
Buddy Holly

7. . The Song "Dear Landlord" has been rumored to have been written about whom?
Phil Ochs
David Crosby
Al Grossman

8. Who said of Dylan, "This man can rhyme the tick of time...the edge of pain, the what of sane..."?
Bobby Neuwirth
Johnny Cash
Mick Ronson

9. Dylan's song "Motorpsycho Nitemare" is a parody of what famous movie?
The Wild Ones
Motorcycle Mama

10. Which of these did Dylan NOT do during the filming of "Don't Look Back"?
Break up with Joan Baez
Play piano with Johnny Cash
Carry a light bulb to a press interview

11. When Dylan first arrived in New York in 1962, the weather was:

12. During his 1978 tour, Dylan played songs from his recently released album:
Street Legal

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