Biological Systems Engineering

Shaojin Wang

Adjunct Professor


My interests are development of an interdisciplinary research program that will meet local and national needs for value-added agricultural products and address such issues as food safety and development of novel processing technologies.

Specific research themes include: fundamental thermal death kinetics of microbial and insect pest inactivation; thermal and dielectric properties of agricultural products; development of sterilization and pasteurization of foods and disinfestations of agricultural commodities using radio frequency energy; Computer simulation of heat transfer in food  processing systems.

Proud member of:
Department of Biological Systems Engineering
College of Engineering and Architecture
College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
Agricultural Research Center
Cooperative State Research, Education, & Extension Service

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers

International Microwave Power Institute

Institute of Food Technologist















Dr. Shaojin Wang

Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
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509 335-7950

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