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Small Grants Program


Since 2003 the Anthony Marchionne Foundation has supported research on issues of well-being.  The Foundation currently emphasizes two specific research areas:

1.)  Aspects of life-singlehood.  The Foundation continues to support researchers who pursue original work on the dynamics of the never-married.  As can be seen from the "Funded Proposals" links below, we provide support to investigators in a variety of disciplines.

2.)  Health, medicine, and behavior.  The Foundation is interested in supporting small-scale studies on the interface between health, medicine, and behavior.  The intent is to fund pilot work that the investigator can use as the basis of a large-scale, major grant application.  As with the life-single initiative, we consider applications from researchers in any discipline.

In 2009 the Foundation supported projects from both of these emphasis areas.  The "2009 Funded Proposals" link below contains abstracts from these projects.

Detailed information about the content of the application is available by following the "Background," "Eligibility," and "Allowable Expenses" links below. 

In 2009 the Foundation distributed approximately $100,000 to researchers.  Investigators may request any reasonable amount for a one-year study.  We desire to support as many researchers as possible, so preference will be given to studies that require substantially less than the total to be completed.  However, the Foundation also recognizes the need to assist researchers whose projects are both lengthier and more costly than average, and will consider such proposals.  We have indeed funded such proposals.  We expect that such a proposal will describe work that has the potential to make an exceptional advance in our understanding of the topic, and investigators interested in proposing such a project are especially encouraged to contact the program director about the feasibility of the project before submitting a formal proposal.  Synopses of funded proposals over the last three years are available below.

We are now accepting proposals for the 2010 competition.  Deadline for submission of proposals is June 1, 2010.    Please follow the "How to Apply" link for instructions on submission procedure. 


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