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General Genetics (Biol/ MBIOS 301)

Spring 2003 Course Website

Have a great summer!!
5/9/03: The key to Final Exam is now posted. You can pick up your Final Exam and see your grades outside Heald 205.
Update: The course textbook has been changed to the 2nd Ed. of Essential Genetics. This is the book with the tigers on the cover. The Lecture Schedule has been updated to reflect this edition.
Gary Thorgaard, Heald 205, 335-7438, thorglab@wsu.edu. Office hours Wednesday 9-11 or by arrangement.
Teaching assistants:
Rob Drew, Eastlick 265, 335-1526, redrew@wsu.edu, Office hours Weds 1-3 or by arrangement.
Suzy Westfall, Abelson 514, 335-2086, sdwestfall@hotmail.com, Office hours (in SLIC, Abelson 227) Weds 11-1 or by arrangement.
Andrew Giordano, Eastlick 281, 335-7924, arg1@mail.wsu.edu Office hours Weds 3-5 or by arrangement.
Course and Grading Information
Homework Assignments
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