The Western Journal of Black Studies

Volume 16, Issue 3



Section I: Sociology and the Black Community

African American Communities: A Significant Part of the Whole
Ruby Lee Gooley

Deviance and Change in the Urban African American Community
Jerome E. Jackson

The Influence of Demographic and Economic Factors
on Fear of Crime Among African Americans

Keith D. Parker and Anne B. Onyekwuluje


Section II: African American Identity and Identification

Identifying Americans of African Descent:
A Survey of Major U.S. Daily Newspapers

Laurence D. Alexander

Black Ethnicity: A Case for Conceptual and Methodological Clarity
Richard A. Davis


Section III: Black Poetry

Sw. Anand Prahlad (Dennis Folley)


Section IV: Afrocentrism: Concept and Method

A Philosophical Basis for an Afrocentric Orientation
Norman Harris

Afrocentrism and the Afrocentric Method
Terry Kershaw


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