The Western Journal of Black Studies

Volume 23, Issue 3


The Influence of Upward Bound on Freshman Grade Point Average, Drop-out Rates, Mathematics Performance, and English Performance
James E. Laws, Jr.

Practicing Polygyny in Black America: Challenging Definition, Legal and Social Considerations for the African American Community
Tyson Gibbs and Judith Campbell


Global News Flow in Afirca: Nigerian Media Coverage of International News, 1979-1995
Festus Eribo


Balancing the Scales
Cornell Thomas & Phyllis Bodie


Limitations or Liberation:
An Investigation Ito the Benefits of a Master's Degree in Africana Studies

Nancy Dawson (Nana Efua Sanka I)


Multiculturalism or Multibodism: On the Impossible Intersection of Race and Gender in American White Feminist and Black Nationalist Discourses
Oyeronke Oyewumi


African Americans in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s:
The Development of Transcontinental Protest

John L. Garder


Book Reviews

Crosscurrents: African Americans, Africa, and Germany in the Modern World
Editors: David McBride, Leroy Hopkins, and C. Aisha Blackshire-Belay
Reviewed By:Dele Omosegbon

Beloved: From Novelto Movie
Author: Toni Morrison
Movie Producer: Oprah Winfrey
Movie Director: Jonathan Demme
Reviewed By: Clenora Hudson-Weems

The Racial Contract
Author: Charles Mills
Reviewed By L. Keita

School of Assassins: The Case for Closing School of the Americas and for Fundamentally Changing U.S. Foreign Policy
Author: Jack-Pallmeyer
Reviewed By: A. C. Vara


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