The Western Journal of Black Studies

Volume 34, Issue 2

Special Issue: Africana Studies at the Graduate Level:
A Twenty-First Century Perspecti
Guest Editors, Mark Christian and Stephanie Y. Evans

Overview: About this Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue:
Africana Studies in the 21st Century and Beyond
Mark Christian—Miami University (Ohio)
pp. 231-232

Part I: Department Chair and Faculty Perspectives

Graduate Studies in Africology: Challenge and Prospects
Molefi Kete Asante—Temple University
pp. 242-245

Naming and Defining: A Critical Link
Ama Mazama—Temple University
pp. 246-252

Historical Context and Development at MSU
Denise Troutman—Michigan State University
pp. 253-255

Origins of African American Studies at UC-Berkeley
Ula Taylor —Michigan State University
pp. 256-265

Part II: Graduate Student Perspectives

Fikira (Reflections): A Comparative Retrospective of
Two Graduate School Experiences, Temple University
and Michigan State University
Kefentse Chike—Michigan State University
pp. 268-272

Black Studies: Challenges and Critical Debates
Mary Phillips—Michigan State University
pp. 273-277

Between Activism and Academia: Black Studies Legacies at Yale
Shana L. Redmond—University of Southern California
pp. 278-282

Our Future: Actualizing the Interdisciplinary and
Community Aspects of Black Studies

Efua Akoma—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Lawrence Johnson—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
pp. 283-290

Part III: On the Horizon

Africana Studies and the Production of Future Scholars
Terry Kershaw—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
pp. 292-297

Next Steps in Africana Studies: Beyond the 21st Century
Stephanie Y. Evans—University of Florida
pp. 298-304



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