The James Entomological Collection is composed of approximately 1.28 million specimens. The majority of the material (ca. 70%) is from the Pacific Northwest. Other major holdings are from the western United States, the Midwest, and Central America. The Collection maintains a world coverage in certain groups (e.g., Diptera: Stratiomyidae, Calliphoridae, Ephydridae). Diptera represent the largest holdings with just over 500,000 specimens. In decreasing order the remainder of the Collection is as follows: Coleoptera, 240,000; Hymenoptera 125,000; Lepidoptera, 80,000; Hemiptera, 45,000; Homoptera, 25,000; other groups 35,000. In addition to the pinned specimens, we maintain an extensive collection in fluids of over 300,000 specimens. Included are large holdings of army ants and associates, ceratopogonid flies, and immatures of all major families.

We believe that our true strength, and therefore uniqueness, lies in our ability to provide as large a variety of material from the Pacific Northwest as possible. We stress proper preparation techniques in the hopes that it will make our material that much more valuable to researchers. And, we will cooperate with researchers in every way possible to see that they obtain material of value to their studies.

As we update and modernize the collection, we will be making information available over the internet. This will intially consist of a searchable database of our type collection and species lists of our holdings, but will evolve into a full-fledged data base for most groups over the next few years. Check back soon for changes!