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English 494 [M] Advanced Topics in American Literature 292563  
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Class wiki projects

Exam 2 Study Guide

Evaluation rubric for web/wiki projects

Sarah Miller and Candice Stancil: http://jazzart.wikispaces.com/
Kim Phillips: http://jazzagelitandmusic.pbwiki.com/
Jeff Ritter: http://talesfromthatjazzage.wikispaces.com/
Rachael Nelson: http://engl494.pbwiki.com/
Chelsea Carter and Katie Hubert: http://www.dotonline.pbwiki.com

Ideas about Cane (from group discussions)

Final presentation signup and schedule

Magazines from the 1920s at Terrell/Holland Library

Song assignment due 10/16/07
Song links from the assignment
Study Guide for Exam 1

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