Mildred Edwards "Millie" Rhea

This page is dedicated to my precious Mother who passed away on October 28, 1996. She died after a courageous battle with cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Known to many simply as 'Millie', she brought joy to the heart's of many with her warm and wonderful smile. She was a wonderful and loving Mother, as well as my best friend. Her memory will live on in my heart and the minds and hearts of those who knew her, as well as through this site.

My plan with this site is to take you through a journey of my Mother's life, complete with stories, poetry and pictures. I will post links to organizations and foundations that I feel would possibly benefit other's with information on the diseases that took her life, as well as links about motherhood, love and life. I hope that this page will be remembered by you and that you will bookmark it to share with those whom you love equally, as I did my Mom. I miss her dearly.


-- Your Son, Randy Boddie

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