The Floyd K. Anderson Cancer Memorial

The Floyd K. Anderson Cancer Memorial honors all the people who have died of cancer. It is also be an area that can be used to gather information about cancer.

Floyd K. Anderson, 43, My Dad. LeRoy L. Baernt, 71. Bernard (Bud) Baker, 63. Irene H. Barrow, ??. Elaine J. Benedict, 50. Glori Bernhardt, 57. Marjorie Jean Bixby, 77. Howard Herndon Braden, 68. Herbert D. Bridges, 69. Nancy D. Brower, 47. Christopher Charles Cersley, 39. Thomas T. Church, Sr., 67. Herman Weaver Coan, ??. Kelly Leigh Coniam, 25. Michael J. Creech, 50. Donald Howard Davis, 48. Allen "Al" R. Day, 89. Sheila DeCuir, 60. Roy DeCuir, 70. Sandra Lea DeLano, 51. Loren G. DeWeese, 79. Edith Linnie Malphurs Dubberly, mid 40s. Theodore Marshall Dubberly Sr., mid 40s. Philip D. Elliot, 74. Congressman Bill Emerson, 58. J. Emmett Evans, 96. John Michael Gaffney, 81. Elizabeth (Libby) Greenaway, 18. Loren Grey, ??. Margaret Cullen Guinn, 70. Norma Hartman, 35. Walter H. Hanstad, 69. Larry G. Hasting, 61. Lou Van Heeswky, ??. Anne Heitner-Washington, 46. Kenneth F. Hinsel, 74. Walter Raleigh Hobbs, 83. William Hornsbrook, ??. Dorothy (Doe) James, 44. Dr. Marion Thomas (Pepper) Jenkins, 77. Saylor C. Jeppson, 64. Neal Jo, 36. Dianne Arlene Johnson, 29. Phyllis C. Justice, 76. Judge Marcus M. Kelly, 65. Henry (Pete) H. Ketcham, Jr., 73. Betty Kontor, 85. David Kosher, 71. Roland Lagasse, 60. Jeffrey D. Laird, 36. R.J. Pat Lally, 66. Timothy Leary, 75. Leo L. Lemm, Sr., 70. Myra Chon Livingston, 70. Lorraine Yvonne Hoard Logan, 73. Leonard Ludwik, 62. Anthony Ray (tony) Lunsford, 20. Cecil Edward Malphurs, ??. Sherry Mcgill, 35. William McIntyre (Big Mac), 33. William S. Mitchell, 73. Jessica Mitford, 78. Bertha Nicely, 30. Warren L. Nicely Sr., 52. Doris Lillian DeLand Ogburn, ??. Leemon Otis Ogburn, ??. Susan Packer, ??. Jeffrey Arthur Pawluk, 43. Karin L. Wilson Perrson, 53. Dr. David Perry, 69. Maurice Leonard Perry, 83. Rodell Poesy, 31. Nancy Poland, 45. Juliet Prowse, 59. James Thomas "J.T." Quigg, 49. Kathie Celeste Ray, 46. Merlyn Elton Reis, 67. Mildred Edwards "Millie" Rhea, 75. Geraldine Richey, 69. Claudia "DeDe" Rogers, 23. Myrtle (Bill) Ross, 84. Rhonda Rozzell, 43. Lorene Patricelli Seeley, 57. Jeremy Sinden, 45. Sharon Soderberg, 40's. Lionel Stander, 86. Edna Steinsiek, 79. Dick Stannard, 55. Dillon C. Stetler, 20 Months. Alberto T. Tano, 68. Patricia A. Welker, 60. Barney Wilen, 59.

If you know someone who has died of cancer please send me their name and a few sentances about them so I can add them to the Floyd K. Anderson Cancer Memorial.

Resources and Other Memorials

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Cornerstone Cancer Center
Memorial Slaon-Kettering Cancer Center
U of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

The Cancer Memorial

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The picture at the top of the page is the wedding between my Mom and Dad in 1963.
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