The term electronic literacy refers to the ability to efficiently portray and show understanding of "messages" using electronic means such as computers, video, web-pages and the like. The "amount" of Electronic Literacy one has directly relates to how effective the individual is at completing this process . While the understanding of electronic components is somewhat necessary in this process, being a master of aesthetic appeal is key as it plays a huge role in being Electronically Literate (being able to interpret and analyze messages using technology.


Speaking of interpretation... Is this a picture of the moon and some stars? Or is a sort-of-pac-man-type thing eating a sea-urchin? We couldn't tell either.


Many people see technology as our downfall. They see computers, text messaging and email as a sort of evil that, while inanimate is still obsessed with the task of making us dumber. Often times technological advancements are seen as burdens by the society in which they were made. The car is a fair example of this thinking. People started blaming the car for people's overweightness and unhealthy habits simply because the car reduced the need for physical bodily movement. However research, and life in general has shown the world that people can still enjoy the luxuries of automobiles and retain good physical health.

While the above example is not exactly the best... or strongest I feel it displays my point well enough.


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