English 402: Technical and Professional Writing
     Instructor: Bryan Fry
     Office: Avery 371
     Office Hours: Summer hours by appointment

     Pitch Proposal


Your goal in the Pitch Proposal is to present a topic that you can be considered an "expert" in. You will provide expert information for your team if your topic is chosen and serve as the SME (Subject Matter Expert). The topic you pitch should be one that you have 1) done previous research on, or 2) are an expert in outside of the academic setting. Your goal in the Pitch Presentation will be to convince others to join your team and work to repurpose your topic. The PP has an oral and a written portion and will conclude with the formation of teams that may do further research on the topic, repurpose the information you have already collected on the topic, and deliver an oral report on it.

Attendance during the presentations is mandatory. Teams will be composed the second day of the oral presentations. Teams of 2 or 3 people will be composed. There will be no teams with more than three members.

      Preparation for the Oral and Written Pitch Presentation

In order to complete the oral and pitch presentation you must write a research question and complete some preliminary research. This will help with the credibility of your oral and written proposal where you will showcase your knowledge and explain why it needs repurposing. It is okay if your original research question changes as you break into groups and work on your projects, but keep in mind that you will base the entire repurposing project around your research question.

     Oral Pitch Proposal Presentation

Your oral pitch may be 3-5 minutes long. It must be a persuasive presentation in which you meet the following goals:

   1. An introduction to your research question an and overview of the topic you are proposing to repurpose
   2. A rough outline of the kinds of work that will be needed and the end-product you will produce
   3. Your personal expertise and the expertise you will need on your research team
   4. An overview of what you believe team members will gain from working on this project

The goal of this oral presentation is to persuade class members to join you in the project. It must be delivered extemporaneously from a key-word outline. It cannot be read from a manuscript. It will be evaluated based on the four main goals listed above. Dress code for this presentation is business casual.

     Written Pitch Proposal

The written proposal will be approximately two-pages long and are due on the last day of the pitch presentations. It should contain clear headings and include the following information: 

>Research Question
>Prelimiinary Research
>Proposed Tasks
>Expected Results

Graphics are not required for this presentation or proposal, but could be included in a handout. We will not have time to set up PowerPoint presentations.  

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