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At the recent Edith Wharton at Newport conference, several EWS members suggested that this site host lists of their publications, and the Executive Board agreed.  This new feature will allow site visitors to learn about books and articles written by EWS members whose research may range beyond Wharton studies. 

Members who wish to have their publications listed at the site can e-mail the list or use the online form. Type or copy and paste the publication information (MLA format) of all the publications you wish to include in the body of your message. 

Please do not send attachments or paper copies, as they cannot be easily processed.

Your message should contain the following information:

1. Name:

2. Institutional Affiliation (Optional):

3. E-mail address (Required for confirming information)

4. Post e-mail address on the publications page?  ___ Yes  ___ No

5. Web address (optional):

6. Post web address on the publications page?   ____ Yes  ____ No

7. List of publications:


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