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18 June.Table of Contents for Spring 2013 Edith Wharton Review.

10 June. Congratulations to the Edith Wharton Essay Prize winners:

Both essays will be published in the _EWR_, vol 29.2:

First prize: Krystyna Michael (PhD candidate, CUNY-Grad Center)“A Break in the Continuity:” Chaos, Control and Wharton’s Commitment to Form:
Second prize: Katelyn Durkin (PhD candidate, UVa):The (Re)Production Craze: Taylorism and Regress in Edith Wharton’s Twilight Sleep

*Minutes from the ALA 2013 Business Meeting.

1 June. Updates to the FAQ page.

30 May. New: list of members with dates for membership renewal.

28 May. Updates to the list of officers and board members; newly corrected links to short stories.

24 May. Updates to the Wharton bibliography.

20 May. List of officers and minutes from Wharton Society meetings.

17 May. Updates to the spreadsheet of Edith Wharton Materials in archives

See also George Frederic Jones's borrowing record.

15 May. Edith Wharton Panels at ALA 2013.

2 April. Congratulations to Beinecke Award and The Mount Award Winners!

Gary Totten, Professor of English, North Dakota State University: “Wharton’s Wild West:Undine Spragg, Medora de Mores, and Dakota Divorce Culture”

Sheila Liming, Ph D candidate, English, Carnegie Mellon University: “Edith Wharton and Modern Economies of Book Ownership”

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