"He threw his hands up into the air, burst into a harsh clatter of words, and then,
hurling himself down upon the ground beside the mummy, he threw his arms round her,
and kissed her repeatedly upon the lips and brow."
[Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Ring of Thoth"]

"They broke in upon me and found me doing an unholy thing."
[Boris Karloff in The Mummy (1932)]

Introduction to Mummies
popular cultural history and commentary.

Mummy Filmography
from silent to recent films.

Mummy Literature
primary texts and secondary sources.

The Curse of the Mummy's Text
a portion of an unpublished article about mummies in popular culture.

Discovery Channel Interview
a producer found this page and interviewed me for a web site promotion of their mummy programs.

Doyle's "The Ring of Thoth" and Necrophilia
an excellent student paper from 2009.

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