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  • Ackerman, Bruce (2014). The Civil Rights Revolution. The Belknap Press of Harvard university Press.
  • Aeblerman, Carol. (2012). A freeman of color and his hotel. Potomac Books.
  • Albright, Alex. (2013). The forgotten first: B-1 and the integration of the modern navy. R.A Fountain.


  • Baldwin, Davarian. L., & Makalani, Minkah (Eds.). (2013). Escape from New York: the new Negro renaissance beyond Harlem. University of Minnesota Press.
  • Baley, Juluis H. (2012). Race patriotism: Protest and print culture in AME church. The University of Tennessee Press.
  • Ballantine, Christopher. (2012). Marabi nights; Jazz, race and society in early apartheid South Africa. University of Kwazulu-Natal.
  • Barnes, Diane. L (2013). Frederick Douglas: a life in documents. University of Virginia Press.
  • Barnes, Sandra. (2013). Live long and prosper: How black mega churches address HIV/AIDS and poverty in the age of prosperity theology. Fordham University Press.
  • Barnhart, Bruce (2013). Jazz in the Time of the Novel: The Temporal Politics of American Race and Culture. The University of Alabama Press.
  • Berish, Andrew S. (2012). Lone some roads and streets of dreams: Place, mobility, and race in Jazz of the 1930s and 40s.Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press.
  • Bernier, Celeste-Marie. (2012). Characters of blood; Black heroism in the transatlantic imagination. University of Virginia Press.
  • Black, Samuel., & Williams, Reginnia N. (2012). Through the lens of Allen E. Cole: A photographic history of African Americans in Cleveland, Ohio. Kent, Ohio: The Kent State University Press.
  • Bonnette, Lakeyta M. (2015). Pulse of the people: Political rap music and Black politics. University of Pennsylvania Press/Philadelphia
  • Brown, Benita., Kuwabong, Dannabang., & Olsen, Christopher. (2014). Myth Performance in the African Diasporas: Ritual, theatre, and dance. The Scarecrow Press.
  • Buccola, Nicholas. (2012). The political thought of Fredrick Douglas in pursuit of American liberty. New York & London: New York University Press.
  • Burrow, Rufus (2014). Martin Luther King, Jr., and the theology of resistance. McFarland.


  • Cameron, Christopher (2014). To plead our own cause: Africa Americans in Massachusetts and the making of antislavery movement. The Kent State University Press.
  • Capshaw, Katharine (2014). Civil Rights Childhood: Picturing liberation in African American photobooks. University of Minnesota Press.
  • Carpenter, Laura M., & De Lamater, John. (2012). Sex for life: From virginity to Viagra, how sexuality changes throughout our lives. New York. New York University Press.
  • Chandler, Nahum, D. (2014). The problem of the Negro as a problem of though. Fordham University Press.
  • Clark, Keith (2013). The radical fiction of Ann Petry. Louisiana State University Press.
  • Clarke, Erskine (2013). By the river of waters: A Nineteenth-Century Atlantic odyssey. Basic Books.
  • Cobb, Charles, E. (2014). This Nonviolent stuff will get you killed: How guns made the Civil Rights Movement possible. Basic Books.
  • Collier-Thomas, Bettye (2014). Jesus, Jobs, and Justice. Temple University Press.
  • Crable, Bryan. (2012). Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke at the roots of the racial divide. University of Virgnia Press.
  • Crawford, Malachi D. (2015). Black Muslims and the law: Civil liberties from Elijah Muhammad to Muhammad Ali. Lexington Books.


  • Daulatzai, Sohail. (2012). Black star crescent moon: the Mushin international and Black freedom beyond America. Minneapolis & London: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Davis, Belva. (2012). Never in my wildest dreams: A black woman's life in journalism. Beret-Koehler Publisher, inc.
  • Davis, Lenwood G. (Ed.). (2013). Selected writings and speeches of founder of North Carolina Central University. Madison, Teaneck: Fairleigh, Dickinson University Press.
  • Desena, Judith N., & Shortell, Timothy. (2012). The world in Brooklyn. Lexington Books.
  • Dominguez, Esteban M. (2013). Race in Cuba: Essays on the revolution and racial inequality. New York: Monthly Review Press.
  • Dunn, Marvin. (2013). The beast in Florida: A history of anti-black violence. University Press of Florida.


  • Eakle, Jonathan A. (2012). Curriculum and instruction: Debating issues in American education. Sage Publications.


  • Fitzgerald, Kathleen, J. (2014). Recognizing Race and Ethnicity: Power, Privilege, and Inequality. Westview Press.
  • Fran, Adams & Matthews, Burgin. (2012). The story of Birmingham jazz man. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The University of Alabama Press.
  • Frydman, Jason (2014). Sounding the break: African American and Caribbean routes of world literature. University of Virginia Press.
  • Fujino, Diane C. (2012). Samurai among panthers: Richard Aoki On race, resistance, and a paradoxical life. University of Minnesota Press.


  • Getz, Trevor, R. (ed.) (2014). African voices of the global past: 1500 to the present. Westview Press.
  • Giddings, Gary (2013). Celebrating: The triumph of Charlie Parker, Revised with a New Introduction. University of Minnesota Press.
  • Gitin, Maria (2014). This bright light of ours: Stories from the 1965 voting rights fight. The University of Alabama Press.
  • Glazier, Jack. (2012). Been coming through some hard times: race, history, and memory in Western Kentucky. Knoxville: University of Tennessee.
  • Grenade, Wendy C (Ed.) (2015). The Grenada revolution: Reflections and lessons. University Press of Mississippi/Jackson
  • Grzanka, Patrick, R. (2014). Intersectionality: A foundations and Frontiers Reader. Westview Press.


  • Hardison, Ayesha, K. (2014). Writing through Jane Crow: Race and gender politics in African American literature. University of Virginia Press.
  • Hausley, Kuwana. (2013). Everything I needed to know I learned from my six-month-old: awaken to unconditional self-love in motherhood. Viva Editions.
  • Haywood, Harry (2012). A black communist in the freedom struggle: the life of Harry Haywood. Minneapolis: Minnesota University Press.
  • Hazzard-Donald, Katrina. (2013). Mojo workin': The old African American Hoodoo system. Chicago & Urbana: University of Illinois Press.
  • Heywood, Linda, Blakely Allison, Stilth, Charles. & Yesnowitz, Joshua (Eds.). (2015). African Americans in U.S foreign policy: From the era of Douglass to the age of Obama. University of Illinois Press
  • Horne, Gerald. (2014). Race to revolution: The Unites States and Cuba during slavery and Jim Crow. Monthly Review Press.
  • Horne, Gerald. (2013). Black revolutionary: William Patterson and the globalization of African American freedom struggle. University of Illinois Press.
  • Horne, Gerald (2014). The counter-revolution of 1776: Slave resistance and the origins of the United States of America. New York University Press.
  • Horne, Gerald. (2012). Negro comrades of the crown: African Americas and the British Empire fight the U.S before emancipation. New York & London: New York University Press.


  • Joens, David. (2012). From slave to state legislator: John W.E Thomas, Illinois' first African- American lawmaker. The Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University.
  • Johnson, Michael (2014). Hoo-Doo Cowboys and Bronze Buckaroos: Conceptions of the African American West. University Press of Mississippi.
  • Johnson, Nicholas (2014). Negroes and the gun: The Black tradition of arms. Prometheus Books
  • Jones, Jacqueline (2014). A dreadful deceit: The myth of race from the colonial era to Obama's America. Basic Books
  • Jordan, Floyd. (2012). Triumph: The Journey of an African-American from childhood to fire chief. Xlibris, co.
  • Joseph, Celucien L. (2013). From Toussaint to Price-Mars: rhetoric, race, and religion in Haitian thought. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Joseph, Celucien L. (2012). Race, religion, and the Haitian revolution: Essays on faith, freedom, and decolonization. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Joseph, Peniel, E. (2013). Stokely: a life. Basic Civitas.


  • Krugler, David F. (2015). 1919, the year of racial violence: How African Americans fought back. Mercer University Press.


  • Levy, Andrew (2015). Huck Finn's America: Mark Twain and the era that shaped his masterpiece. Simon & Schuster
  • Lovett, Bobby. L. (2013). A touch of greatness: a history of Tennessee State University. Cambridge University Press.


  • Mack, Dwayne A. (2014). Black Spokane: The Civil Rights struggle in the inland Northwest. University of Oklahoma Press.
  • Marouan, Maha & Simons, Merinda (Eds.). (2013). Race and Displacement: Nation, Migration, and Identity in the 21st Century. The University of Alabama Press.
  • Maus, Derek. C., & Donahue, James J. (2014). Post-soul satire: Black identity after civil rights. University Press of Mississippi.
  • Maxwell, William J. (2015). F.B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover's ghostreaders framed African American literature. Princeton University Press.
  • McDougal III (2014). Research methods in Africana studies. Peter Lang.
  • McLeod, Erin C. (2014).  Visions of Zion: Ethiopians and Rastafari in the search for the Promised Land. New York University Press.
  • Morris, Susana, M. (2014). Close kin and distant relatives: The paradox of respectability in black women’s literature. University of Virginia Press.
  • Mumford, Debra J. (2012). Exploring prosperity: Preaching biblical health, wealth, and wisdom. Judson Press.


  • Nack Ngue, Julie. (2012). Critical conditions: Illness and disability in Francophone African and Caribbean women's writing. Lexington Books.
  • Nembhard, Jessica, G. (2014). Collective courage: A history of African American cooperative economic thought and practice. The Pennsylvania State University Press.
  • Newman, Roberta, J. & Rosen, Joel, N. (2014). Black Baseball, Black Business: Race Enterprise and the Fate of the Segregated Dollar. University Press of Mississippi.
  • Nzinga-Johnson, Sekile (ed) (2013). Laboring positions: Black women, mothering and the academy. Demeter Press.


  • Omo-Osagie II, Solomon Y. (2012) Commercial poultry production on Maryland's lower Eastern shore: The role of African Americans, 1930s to 1990s. University Press of America.


  • Parrish, Timothy. (2012). Ralph Ellison and the genius of America. University of Massachusetts Press.
  • Pate, Alexs (2015). Blue vision; African American writing from Minnesota. Minnesota Historical Society Press
  • Pitre, Abul, Allen Tawannah G & Pitre, Esrom (2015). Multicultural education for educational leaders: Critical race theory and antiracist perspectives. Rowman & Littlefield
  • Provenzo, Eugene F., Jr. (2013). W.E.B. Du Bois’s exhibit of American Negroes: African Americas at the beginning of the twentieth century. Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Putnam, Aric. (2012). The insistent call: Rhetorical moments in black anticolonialism, 1929-1937. Amherst & Boston: University of Massachusetts Press.


  • Robertson, Ray. (2012). David. Ontario Arts Council.
  • Roy, Beth. (2014). The Bernal story: Mediating class and race in a multicultural community. Syracuse University Press.


  • Schiller, Reuel (2015). Forging rivals: Race, class, law, and the collapse of postwar liberalism. Cambridge University Press
  • Smith, Jessie. C. (2013). The handy African American History: Answer book. Visible Ink Press.
  • Still, Erica (2015). Prophetic remembrance: Black subjectivity in African American and South African trauma narratives. University of Virginia Press
  • Sullivan, Jas. & Esmail, Ashraf (Eds.). (2012). African American identity: racial and cultural dimensions of the Black experience. Lanham & Boulder: Lexington Books.


  • Takougang, Joseph (2014). Cameroonian Immigrants in the United States: Between the Homeland and the Diaspora. Lexington Books.
  • Thomas, Lynnell L. (2014). Desire and disaster in New Orleans: Tourism, race, and historical memory. Duke University Press.
  • Treitler, Vilma B. (2013). The ethnic project: transforming racial fiction into ethnic factions. Stanford University Press.


  • Van Wormer, Katherine., Jackson III, David, W., & Sudduth, Charletta (2012). The Maid narratives: Black domestics and White families I the Jim Crow South. Louisiana State University Press.
  • Vaughan, Umi, & Aldama, Carlos. (2012). Carlos Aldamas life in Bata: Cuba, diaspora and the drum. Indiana University Press.


  • Watts, Eric K. (2012). Hearing the hurt: rhetoric, aesthetics and politics on the new Negro movement. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: University of Alabama Press.
  • Wheeman, Richard. & Dutty, Bernard K. (2012). The will of a people. The Board of trustees, Southern Illinois University.
  • Wieder, Alan (2013). Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the war against Apartheid. Monthly Review Press.
  • Williams, Charles. (2013). African American life and culture in Orange Mound: case study of a black community in Memphis Tennessee, 1890-1980. Lexington Books.
  • Williams Jr., Roland L (2015). Black male frames: African Americans in a century of Hollywood cinema, 1903-2003. Syracuse University Press
  • Wolf, Abby. (2012). The Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Reader. Basic Civitas Books.
  • Womack, Veronica. L. (2013). Abandonment in Dixie: underdevelopment in the Black belt. Mercer University Press.
  • Wright, Michelle M. (2015). Physics of Blackness: Beyond the middle passage epistemology. University of Minnesota Press

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