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Book Reviews

In addition to the empirical articles published in The Western Journal of Black Studies, you will also find every issue includes a critical analysis of recently published books. Daily we receive catalogs from publishers featuring hundreds of books with authors requesting scholarly review. The books we chose, and are subsequently listed on this website, represent the newest information related to Black/Africana Studies and the African Diaspora. For this reason, we consider the addition of book reviews in every publiction of the utmost importance.

How Can You Contribute?

  1. Review the listed titles »

    Titles marked with a double asterisk (**) have already been taken.
  2. If one of the publications sounds of interest to you, send us the following information:
    • Author and title of the book you wish to review
    • Your name and the address where you would like the book to be sent.
  3. The book will be mailed to you following the receipt of your request. Along with the book you will also receive the following submission guidelines:
    Upon receipt of the book, we ask that you read and review the book within 30–45 days.
    • For publication, the book review should include
    • Reviewer's Name
    • Reviewer's Instituional Affiliation
    • Book Title
    • Number of Pages
    • Publication Year
    • Publisher
    • ISBN Number
    • Price in U.S. dollars ($)
    • Review Length should be 2 to 3 pages
    • Please submit your review electronically at
  4. Please keep the book for your future use and enjoyment

Unsolicited Book Reviews

If there is a book not listed on our site and you feel its contents would contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the field of Black/African American studies, we would gladly consider it for publication. We just ask that the book being reviewed is published between 2012–2014. In addition, all submissions must include all information required above.


The WJBS site is maintained by Nick Manuel. Please feel free to e-mail comments, queries, and suggestions.



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