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Over the course of my teaching career, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of skilled, talented, and motivated students. I often take on the role of mentor or advisor to many of these students and aid them in achieving academic success. Some of these students are featured below, along with updates on their academic and career progress.

Deven Tokuno

Majors: English, Professional Writing and Rhetoric; Zoology, Pre-medicine
Graduation Year: May 2013
Fields of Interest: publishing; editing; professional writing; healthcare; family medicine and health awareness; interdisciplinary relatedness
Bio: Deven is a senior at Washington State University. For her Honors College thesis she worked with the Paul G. Allen School of Global Health and Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology Department to discover the potential for novel antibiotic resistance-causing genes present in both imported and domestic shrimp purchased at local grocery stores. Deven is also the Editor in Chief for the undergraduate literary arts journal, LandEscapes. Besides interning with Blood Orange Review, Deven is an active member on the WSU campus- President of the Student Alumni Ambassadors, a teacher for the Honors College freshman seminar, as well as a public relations assistant for the University College. After graduation Deven looks forward to the real-world and to applying her love for the interdisciplinary relatedness of science and the arts.

Maddie Starkovich

Majors: English, Creative Writing; Digital Technology and Culture
Graduation Year: May 2012
Fields of Interests: publishing; editing; social media; digital design; creative writing
Bio: Maddie is a senior graduating with a degree in English (Creative Writing option) and Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. She has been an intern for Blood Orange Review for three years, and was editor in chief of WSU's literary magazine, LandEscapes. She plans to pursue a career in editing and publishing and continue writing creative nonfiction.

Katie Wheeler

Major: Digital Technology and Culture
Graduation Year: May 2012
Fields of Interest: graphic design; web design; writing; journalism; social media research
Bio: Katie is a senior at WSU who will graduate in May. She completed a variety of digital design projects for many of her courses, including: a poster series to educate about the benefits of buying Fair Trade coffee, advertisements for the philanthropic organization V-Day WSU, and the original design of this website. She also completed undergraduate research for the Honors College on indentity presentation on Facebook. This research was nominated to Pass with Distinction, an award granted to students whose research, writing, and speaking skills are deemed to be "of the highest level." Katie was accepted into masters programs at New York University and Syracuse University, but is going to gain work experience in Spokane before furthering her education.

Matthew James Wimett

Major: English, Creative Writing
Graduation Year: May 2012
Fields of Interests: fiction; painting; 2D design
Bio: Matthew Wimett will graduate from Washington State University with a degree in English (Creative Writing option) and minors in Philosophy and Fine Arts. His senior year he worked as an editor for both LandEscapes, the student run campus journal, and Blood Orange Review. He’s received multiple awards and scholarships for both creative and philosophical writing. Upon graduating he hopes to leave for China to teach English at a University.

Caitlin Woelfel

Major: English, Creative Writing
Graduation Year: May 2011
Fields of Interests: editing; publishing; creative writing
Bio: Caitlin is a graduate of Washington State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing option). During her last year and a half of her studies, she worked as an intern for Blood Orange Review as well as presided as president of the Washington State University's English Club. After graduation, Caitlin attended Portland, Oregon's Independent Publishing Resource Center's certification program for Independent Publishing and is now the founder and Editor in Chief of the literary journal The Mason J. Press.