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Dr. James R. Holt, PE
Professor Emeritus
Engineering & Technology Management: Engineering Business

Video: Systems are Simple, Every Conflict can be Removed, People are Good, Everything can Be Better!

Video: Visual Project Management

Visual Project Management (iPhone App VPM Lite) now has Firm Predecessors so you can build a full project.  


A desktop or smart phones can use


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Wondering what TOC means? View the Constraints Management Overview
TOCICO Fundamentals Exam Review Seminar Materials
TOC Classes at Washington State University.
Information on the Constraints Management Certificate from Washington State University.
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  • Theory of Constraints 
  • Critical Chain Project Management 
  • Accelerated Replenishment
  • Complex Systems Analysis 
  • Simulation 
  • Algorithmic Scheduling

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The Master of Engineering and Technology Management program is one of the most dynamic and responsive educational opportunities available to manage technology. The College of Engineering and Architecture directs this distributed program to engineers throughout the State of Washington. The ever-changing engineering environment requires skills to manage projects, variability, processes, people, money and strategy. Students learn all the tools necessary to succeed personally and to move their organization forward.

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