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Sponsorship: The William Dean Howells Society Site is sponsored by the William Dean Howells Society , a nonprofit educational organization. From 1999-2005, Gonzaga University graciously provided the server space for this site, which is now hosted on Wordpress.

Posting Information at the Site
  • Because this is an informational, educational site, notices of books for sale, eBay auctions, and other commercial information cannot be posted. 
  • Although we post information about new books, plays, and so forth relating to William Dean Howells, we do not link to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or other overtly commercial sites, and we do not accept any compensation for posting notices.
  • If you have an announcement of an event or book relating to William Dean Howells, or if you've published something on Howells that you would like posted, please submit it to us.
  • Decisions about what to post are made by the site author and owner, Donna Campbell, in conjunction with the officers of the William Dean Howells Society.
  • Authorship

    Most of the pieces at this site (such as the biographical information and the replies to queries) are signed; if they are not signed, the author is the site author.

    Design and Editorial Principles

    The new design incorporates a side navigational bar on most of the pages. Text-heavy pages have been left without the sidebar so as to facilitate printing.

    For other principles, please see the About the site author page.


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