New Howells-L Discussion List

The howells-l list, which used to be at, has been replaced by a new, moderated discussion list, Its focus will still be announcements about events, calls for papers, queries, and discussion about W. D. Howells. It now has a web-based interface, so that you don't have to remember how to subscribe and unsubscribe; just click on the links below to change options.

Having a moderated list means that no spam will get through to your e-mail box. Also, the archives will be available only to subscribers, so you need not worry about spammers getting your e-mail address from the archives or your responses to the list showing up on Google.

You do not need to be a member of the Howells Society to join howells-l.

Current members of howells-l don't have to do anything to change their subscriptions to this new version.


1. Go to

2. Follow the directions for subscribing.

3. Wait for a confirmation message.

4. Click on the confirmation link in the message.


To post a message to the howells-l list, send your messages to


1. Go to or and follow the directions.

If you find you are not getting any messages, check your spam filter or junkmail file. Many spam filters automatically discard any mail from an e-mail list, even if you have signed up for the list.


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HOWELLS-L Discussion List. HOWELLS-L, the online forum of the William Dean Howells Society, is dedicated to lively discussion on the life and works of Howells and his contemporaries in realism, naturalism, and local color fiction. It encourages announcements, the exchange of information about scholarship and resources on Howells, and above all conversations about teaching and reading the works of this influential critic and novelist. You need not be a member of the W. D. Howells Society to be a member of howells-l.



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