Department of Horticulture

Hardy Plants for Waterwise Landscapes

Waterwise groundcovers, clockwise from top left: Cerastium tomentosum, Aurinia saxatilis, Thymus spp. (© V.I. Lohr)


Scientific name

Common name

Antennaria spp. N Pussytoes
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi N Kinnikinnick
Asarum caudatumN
Wild ginger
Cerastium tomentosum Snow-in-summer
Cotoneaster horizontalis Rockspray cotoneaster
Dryas octopetala N Mountain avens
Epimedium spp. ● Bishop's hat
Eriogonum umbellatum N Buckwheat
Fragaria chiloensis N Beach strawberry
Globularia spp. Globe daisy
Gypsophila repens Creeping baby's breath
Hypericum calycinum St. John's wort
Juniperus horizontalis Creeping juniper
Luzula sylvatica Greater woodrush
Mahonia repensN Creeping mahonia
Microbiota decussata Russian arborvitae
Potentilla tridentata Wineleaf cinquefoil
Rhus trilobata N Three leaf sumac
Sedum spp. ●N Stonecrop
Stachys byzantina Lamb's ears
Symphytum grandiflorum Yellow comfrey
Teucrium canadense Creeping germander
Thymus spp. Thyme
Veronica liwanensis Turkish speedwell
Veronica pectinata Wooly veronica


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Scientific and common names are listed for each plant.  Plants are listed in alphabetical order by scientific name.

If the scientific name has a link, it leads to a page with photos and cultural information. If the common name has a link, it leads to photos, but not to cultural information. 

Key to symbols

spp. = More than one species is water-conserving

● = Suitable for dry shade; amount of shade varies

N = Native to Washington or Idaho

@ = May reseed or spread

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