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"The Pace of Youth"

I am a college student at UWS and I am working on a group project on the short stories of stephen crane. I have been looking all over for any information on a crane work entitled "The Pace of Youth". Do you know of any good sources for literary critisicm an character analyses on this story?


Before Billie's return to the regiment, is Dan morose about Billie's absence from the regiment due to Dan's killing of an "enemy" soldier whom he subsequently recognizes as his brother?

Sincerely yours,

Vince Mele

Why did Crane write about war?

Hello. I am working on a research paper about Stephen Crane and my topic is trying to answer why Crane wrote many novels about war.  Are there any answers or essay/articles about that?

Matt Shearer


To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to ask for assistance in locating some pictures of the 2 short stories by Stephen Crane names "An Ominous Baby" and "An Experiment in Misery". I would appreciate any and all help you have to offer, as our Team in college is researching Stephen Crane and we are stumped as far as retreiving these pictures despite our efforts. I have attached a copy of our project, should you be interested to have a look. The pictures of the 2 short stories would round our project out nicely. Thank you for your time.
Kristi Farquar




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