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"War is Kind"

Is there a brief line by line explanation or something to that nature for his poem "War is Kind"?

I am doing a paper on him and I am looking for a more modern version to resite along with the original. Thanks jeremy, chasedad1 at, 12/11/06

"The Open Boat"

Where would I find information on Cranes message in his short story "The Open Boat"John Smith


You can find help with this question by looking at the bibliographies at the site (click on the Scholarship, Bibliographies link) and using your browser's "Find" feature to search for "The Open Boat." Some information is also available on the queries and replies pages.

"The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky": Crane's thoughts?

Are there any interviews or written discusions by Crane on his short story "The Bride comes to Yellow Sky." Does he interpert the story himself? Doug Lancaster


Crane's life and works

I am working on a research paper about Stephen Crane and how some of the events of his life effected his
writing. Can anyone please give me a source where I can get information on this?

Cody Domasky 11/21/06

Several of the biographies and books listed on the site (e.g., The Crane Log and others) should be helpful.
Ending of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

Question: What, Particularly, might be Stephen Crane hinting at by their endings? 11/21/06


Crane and Impressionism

please help me out here... i have checked out numerous website but can't find what i am looking for.... i am doing a research abourt stephen crane's "compare his use of color, imagery, and symbolism with the Impressionist movement " in art

please reply



See James Nagel's Stephen Crane and Literary Impressionism, which will have the information you need. If your library doesn't have it, ask to get it through Interlibrary Loan.
Information on Crane

im doing a research paper on stephen crane and i really ned help finding info. i have to do a 5 -6 page paper on him. i need info on his childhood, family, major works and any other important information on him. please send any helpfull information on him if possible.


You can find all of this information in the biographies of Crane (try Badge of Courage by Linda Davis) and The Crane Log.
"A Dark Brown Dog"

i would like to find an approach to stephen crane's a dark-brown dog or some information about theme, motifs and style.adina demetrian


Red Badge Awards

I was wondering if The Red Badge of Courage has any awards. I tried looking everywhere, but I came up with nothing. If anyone knows anything, please back.



"War" in Crane's Poetry

I have to do a project on how many times stephen crane used the word war in his poetry. There is not an online concordance for his poetry, could someone help me find a place that states it?natalia crabgrass


Both of Crane's collections of poems are online here at the Crane Society site: All you need to do is go to these collections, click on Edit, Find in this Page in your browser, and count the number of times he uses the word.

"The Wayfarer"

what did stephen crane mean whae he wrote his famous poem the wayfarer

nate 7/23/06


"The Blue Hotel"

: what was the symbols in the blue hotel ?

You can find some of the symbols by looking at these questions:

Theme of "War is Kind"

i would like to know what the theme is in Stephen Cranes poem "War is Kind" is?

melissa thornton 6/27/06


Romantic love and Maggie

What does Crane say about romantic love for people like Maggie? Is this story saying that Love for a person without money has very little opportunity to find true love in an environment with poor people with no education and violent surroundings?

For a source that gives some good insight into Maggie's romantic entanglement, see Joseph X. Brennan, "Ironic and Symbolic Structure in Crane's Maggie," Nineteenth-Century Fiction 16, no. 1 (1962), beginning on the first full paragraph on page 313.

Jeff Paschke-Johannes 7/23/06

Online database of Crane's war correspondence?

Is there an online database containing Crane's war correspondence articles from Cuba?

Keith 6/8/06

"'A Dark Brown Dog"

i would like to find an approach to stephen crane's a dark-brown dog or some information about theme, motifs and style.

adina demetrian 6/8/06

Crane and Magical Realism

is there a connection between stephen crane and magical realism?

specific stories and authors would be really helpful.
michael j. wallace 5/18/06


Topics for Crane Paper

Alright, i have to write a paper on Crane, and I have the following topics: anti-god, human cynic, and anti-war. Can you send me to any good sites to find information on these topics?
Dan Jones 5/8/06


Naturalism and Crane

Is THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE naturalism, if so how?
BOB 5/8/06


Crane's Funeral and Burial

when and where was stephen crane buried. Can you tell me anything about the funeral arrangements? Thank you. K.


You can see a picture of the grave here.

"The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"

In four weeks, I have a research paper due on any short story I chose to write on. I've chosen "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky," and I've been doing research on it for hours. I found good stuff, but not exactly what i'm looking for. Do know where I can find secondary texts for him? If I remember correctly, my professor told me that secondary texts are documents written by another author, and it critisizes the characters and themes of the story.
I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me where or how I can find such sources for my paper.
Thank You


If you search for "bride" in the bibliographies at this site, you should find a fair number of secondary materials. Also, check the books on Crane's short fiction; all will discuss that story, which is a major one.

Here is a list for you:

Secondary Sources on "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"

"A Mystery of Heroism"

I am doing a term paper on "A mystery of heroism".Need commentaries and analyses Yelena


Symbolism in "The Blue Hotel"

in "The Blue Hotel" what does all of the symbolism mean exactly? The stove, weather, colors?


Here are some questions that might help you to think about the symbolism in the story and a page about the stove.
Crane in the West

I am researching Stephen Crane and keep hearing about his experience in the west. Can you direct me where to find information about what experiences they are referring to. Thanks.

Michael 4/806

You might try a biography of Crane or The Crane Log. A good selection of Crane's western stories appears in the Library of American edition of Stephen Crane's works.
Questions on Stephen Crane

Hi, I am doing a report on Stephen Crane and have been doing most of my research online, but there have been a few bits of information I simply have not seemed able to find anywhere.

First off, in the Cuban expedition Crane accompanioed in which the Commodore was wrecked, Iv read that Crane eventually made it to shore, but I have not been able to find anywhere where exactly he landed.

Also, Im curious as to his family, is there anywhere I can find more in depth info on his family tree, perhaps names and careers/lifestyles of his siblings and those he descended from; perhaps any famous ancestors, if any?

Also, Im curious about his reasoning for publishing Maggie under a pseudonym; did he simply anticipate the book's unpopularity, or was it a lack of self-confidence...ect? Oh, on that book also, which brother was it that he borrowed money from to publish and print it?

And last, Cora Taylor. Now I've read that she was a person who was somewhat of a destructive influence to Crane, and was able to convince him to constatnly indulge in social extremeties, parties, and such, and that brought them financial ruin. Is there any sources that elaborate on that aspect of Crane's life, or maybe even Stephen's emotional/preferential views on the persuasions ensued by Cora?

Any info or pointed out sources would be most helpful and appreciated.
Amanda Herr 4.2.06

Some of the information (on Crane's siblings and family tree) are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page at this site. Others can be answered by looking in the following:

Wertheim and Sorrentino, The Crane Log.
Gilkes, Lillian. Cora Crane.

Reviews of Crane's Works


You can find a few of these online at this site. In fact, if you click on WORKS ONLINE on the menu bar and then click on REVIEWS OF CRANE'S WORKS, you will see the link.

You can also find this by using the search feature. Type a word or phrase into the search box on any page, and you will see this page in the results.

See also Stephen Crane: The Critical Heritage, which is a collection of reviews and criticism.

Symbols in "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"

I am doing a paper on "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky" and I am looking for some info on the elements of symbols and the use of contrast to help me along.

Chris 3/21/06

The Student Queries 2002 page has some questions and information that might help you, as does Student Queries 2004 and Student Queries 2005.


Stephen Crane's Intentions

what was stephen crane´s intention to write such a short story like the bride comes to yellow sky. laura esders 3/6/06

You can never fully know an author's reasons for writing a story, but if you look at some of the commentary on the story here and in the published criticism, you can probably come to some conclusions about this issue.
"The Open Boat" and "Stephen Crane's Own Story"

Where can I find the complete original article that Stephen Crane filed for the New York Press in January of 1896 regarding the sinking of the Commodore? This is the article on which "The Open Boat" is based. M. Solano

You can find a link to this on the Student Queries 2000-2002 page. Here's a link to the story:
Themes in Maggie

What would you consider are the most inportant three themes of "Maggie, A Girl of the Streets". Please help me understand this and explain why you believe so and what in the book is evidence of your opinion. Thanks a lot !Jessica 2/25/06

This sounds like a writing assignment that the teacher gave to you, so the questions on responding to Crane's other works on the Student Queries 2002 page might help you in thinking through your response to the question.
Names and Time in "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"

I have to write an exam about Stephen Crane´s "The bride comes to Yellow Sky" .I am interested in finding out something about the meaning of the names. Apart from that,I want to know in which time the story plays.I´ll be very happy if you send me some information especially about this story.
Thank you beforehand ,and greetings from Germany.
laura esders 2/23/06


Can you help me find four or more "seeds of conflict" from the beginning of the story -Blue hotel, from stephen crane.

(no name) 2/15/06

Can you tell me who is the protagonist and the antagoinist in "the Blue Hotel" by Stephen Crane?

kathy williaqmson 2/15/06

These sound like questions assigned by a teacher. Here are some more questions to help you answer them:

1. Do you see any signs of tension early in "The Blue Hotel"? What are Johnnie and the old farmer doing at the beginning of the story when the others enter the hotel?

2. Are there any signs that the Swede is does not feel comfortable with the others in the room?

3. See this page for some definitions of protagonist and antagonist: Which characters best fit these descriptions?

Social Perspectives in Red Badge

I need to Know the social perspectives of the Red Badge of Courage. Any help would be lovely!

A.J. 2-8-06

Crane's Themes

I'm writing a paper on the themes of Stephen Crane's works. Where did Crane find inspiration for these themes and what do they mean to him? Christina 2/8/06

Translation of "The Open Boat"

Hey! Is there a translation of Cranes "the Open Boat"?
If yes, can you give me a link?
Regards, Katja 1-28-06

Meaning of "The Open Boat"

I have two questions regarding Crane's "Open Boat" I would like to know the meaning of this story..I don't get it.

Elisha 1/28/06



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