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trying to find a list or bibliography of Stephan cranes works in the newspapers before he got noticed for his fiction. can you help???Thanks!

In order to find Stephen Crane's newspaper writings before he became famous as the author of The Red Badge of Courage, you will need to go to a research library or obtain by inter-library loan The University of Virginia Press Edition of The Works of Stephen Crane, ed. Fredson Bowers, Vol. 8, Tales, Sketches, and Reports (1973).

--Stanley Wertheim

"Chased by the Trail"

Can you cite a specific example of naturalism from "Crane's short story, "Chased by the Trail'?    Do both the characters change because of their surroundings or does only Walt change?

Matt Ayers

You can almost certainly find an answer to your question about "Chased by the Trail" by reading the story carefully. I suggest you begin with the name of the author. There is a considerable difference between the names Stephen Crane and Jack London.

--Stanley Wertheim



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