Old WHARTON-L Discussion List and Archives

Due to requests to remove individual messages, the old Wharton-l@gonzaga.edu archive has been eliminated.

The links below lead to messages published on the WHARTON-L discussion list before September 1999.  A general indication of the contents is given beside each link.

January  (Wharton and Freud; CFP MLA 1999)
February  (CFP: CNYCLL 1999)
March  (Questions on biography; source of quotation; request for suggested works)
April  (Edith Wharton bibliography; CFP: Newport 2000; Query on audio recording of Wharton's voice)
May  (Boydston Prize; Edith Wharton sessions at ALA)
June (no messages)
July (Request for discussion questions on Summer; Query: House of Mirth; Query: Source of "keeping up with the Joneses")