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Crane and Marines

I'm a university student at UPEI and was wondering if you know whether Stephen Crane knew any of the Marines from the Spanish-American war? Particularly Daniel Campbell, Medal of Honor recipient?
Thank-you for your time,
George Curtis


"The Snake"

What is the theme of Stephen Crane's story "The Snake?" How does it relate to the contrast between the dog and the snake? Thanks,


New Novel

I have published a Civil War ancestor story that was inspired by The
Red Badge of Courage
and which may be of interest.  The details of the
book follow:

Hiram's Honor: Reliving Private Terman's Civil War by Max R. Terman.
2009 TESA Books, Hillsboro, Ks, $16.99 print, $2.99 ebook, 242 pages
ISBN 978-0615-27812-4 print,   ISBN: 978-1-4580-4641-3 ebook
Listed by Online Colleges as one of the best books for studying the
Civil War. (http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2012/01/09/25-books-studying-civil-war/).
After surviving long marches, low morale, and horrific battles, the
Confederates swarm over his regiment at Gettysburg on the first day of
the great battle.  Now a prisoner, he faces a grueling death march
south with a defeated, angry Rebel army.  Worse, a grinding,
lice-ridden death by starvation awaits him at Richmond's Belle Island
and later, the infamous Andersonville. How did he survive?  A true
story about an 82nd Ohio soldier that will bring your Civil War
ancestor back to life.
Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Richmond (Belle
Island), and Andersonville are prominently featured in the book that
is printed and distributed by Ingram Book and Coutts Information
Professional reviews of the book can be seen at:
http://www.cincinnaticwrt.org/data/articles/Terman_Review_Hirams Honor.pdf

Thank you and best wishes in your work.  Max

Max R. Terman, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus
Tabor College
Hillsboro, Ks. 67063

Crane and Roosevelt
I have been researching how Crane and Roosevelt became
friends in New York City in 1896...and would like to know
if anything has been published in the last few years
about that friendship?
--Philip Paradis
does your society consider Jim conklin a reliable character/narrator or not?  

Corwin Knapp Linson

I have been researching the family of Corwin Knapp Linson, friend of Stephen Crane's who painted Crane's portrait around 1894 (see attached). Do you know who currently owns the portrait?

Many thanks!

-Shayne Davidson

Shayne Davidson



Crane in Cuba

What research is available related to Crane's last trip to Cuba in 1899? What was the purpose of the trip, and what was he working on? Thank you for your expertise! Dee Thompson



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